AMMA training and development consultant Geoff Timmerman discusses the importance of effective workforce planning and how you can develop a forward-thinking team for your business.

IF you truly believe your people are your greatest asset, do you strategically plan for their future?

How does your organisation ensure optimal human resources are maintained?

Does your organisation plan for staff retention, development and acquisition?

Ensuring your organisation is prepared to manage both its strengths and weaknesses comes down to effective workforce planning.

Workforce planning is a term used to describe planning processes undertaken to ensure a business has the right number of qualified people with the right skills to allow productive operations over the long-term.

This means forecasting workforce needs – having the right number of employees with the skills sets and knowledge required to achieve organisational goals.

It also means arming your organisation with the information needed to make human resource decisions now and into the future. It assists in the attraction, retention and development of employees to effectively operate in today’s a fast‐changing environment.

Workforce planning allows organisations to effectively undertake expansions, restructures or downsizes in a more informed and educated manner. Simply put, workforce planning is about predicting the future demand for staff (and their associated positions and required skills and knowledge), and seeking to match this with supply.

AMMA Training & Development – in conjunction with AMMA Skills Connect – are tailoring a one-day practical workshop on the art of effective workforce planning for deployment in January 2014. The program will enhance understanding of workforce planning benefits and guide participants through a number of templates and tools, all designed to assist in the maintenance of an effective workforce, both now and into the future.

Contact the AMMA Training & Development team of 1800 891 662 to express you interest.