WESTERN Australian resource employers can take advantage of new opportunities to support traineeships in Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety as part of the WA FutureSkills funding program for 2015.

Employees with no prior qualifications and who have been employed less than three months full time or 12 months part time are eligible to enrol in a traineeship to gain a Certificate IV in Human Resources or a Certificate IV in Work Healthy and Safety.

The Certificate IV in Human Resources targets line managers, administrators and human resource officers wishing to improve their human resource management skills, including performance management, workplace health and safety, and effective recruitment.

A Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety will teach compliance with occupational health and safety legislation, development of safety strategies, response to workplace incidents and implementing emergency procedures.

Trainees will enjoy on-the-job and off-the-job training toward a national recognised qualification, however the benefits are also extensive for resource industry employers:

  • A better trained and skilled employee
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • A flexible and structured work based training program
  • A nationally recognised qualification for the trainee
  • Reducing the impact of current and future skill shortages
  • Rewarding longer term staff for their contribution to the organisation
  • Exemption from Payroll Tax (5.5% per annum) to eligible employers

AMMA Training & Development is the resource industry’s own Registered Training Organisation, specialising in workforce training opportunities tailored for the mining, oil and gas sectors. Offering training both on-site and off-site, AMMA Training & Development can help your organisation take advantage of the WA FutureSkills funding program in 2015.

Contact AMMA Training & Development on 1800 891 662 for more information.