As remote working arrangements become increasingly important during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, AMMA has provided below some tips and recommendations for effective management of people working remotely.

Communication, expectations and understanding

  • Have a clear understanding of each team member’s work schedule and the necessary resources required to complete planned work.
    • If necessary, reaffirm the role and responsibilities and pipeline of expected work.
    • Discuss agreed outcomes and reinforce expectations. Understand output may not be measured by hours worked, instead it is measured on outcomes (ensure deadlines on tasks).
    • Have an understanding that normal work hours will likely not be necessary, workable or appropriate.
    • It is important for managers to also remove any bias or predetermined ideas on working remotely.
  • Acknowledge capabilities and attempt to address any challenges or limitations (such as equipment).
    • Recognise and explore opportunities to be agile and flexible to support each employee’s situation.
    • Explore new communication tools and methods, and ensure employees understand and agree on the protocols and how they are expected to be used.
    • Find the most appropriate frequency for communication. Are daily check-ins required? Consider the need for end-of-day updates from employees.
    • Be clear on what can and cannot be done remotely and communicate any challenges and opportunities.

Other considerations / Maintaining team culture

  • Be mindful that some employees will also have children at home. Discuss any relevant requirements, challenges and offer to provide support (if practical).
  • Do you know now what policies are on offer for employees who cannot work at all?
  • Don’t forget to recognise the importance of employee wellbeing even if they are not in the office.
    • Celebrate achievements (both work related and outside of work) and ensure culture is maintained by discussing topics outside of work (this may require a unique channel being setup).
  • Remember to check-in with employees. This can be an unsettling time, so remember to discuss challenges, opportunities, frustrations and general health and wellbeing.

AMMA’s experienced team of workplace relations consultants are available for advice on policies relating to working from home / remotely. For more information or for assistance, contact 1800 627 771 or email the consulting team at [email protected].