Statement by AMMA Chief Executive, Steve Knott

AUSTRALIAN Resources and Energy Group AMMA strongly supports the Morrison Government pursuing an effective deterrent to the unlawful and inappropriate actions of trade unions and their officials, and other registered organisations.

Measures within the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2017 (“Ensuring Integrity Bill”) address failing public confidence and would greatly benefit all registered organisations and their members through higher governance and reporting standards.

While much commentary has focused on the sustained, unacceptable and unlawful conduct of high-profile union officials, the measures within the Ensuring Integrity Bill would lift the standards and accountability of all registered organisations – both trade unions and registered employer groups.

The legislation contains balanced, reasonable and necessary steps that would ensure Australian employers and employees, as well as the wider national interest, are protected from the recidivist law-breaking and misconduct of a small minority which recklessly erode the public’s confidence in all registered organisations.

More broadly, the measures would ensure influential registered organisations’ repeated unlawful or anti-competitive behaviour does not damage Australia’s reputation as a place to invest, do business and employ people.

The Bill is consistent with a number of recommendations from the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, and would present no concern to the majority of law-abiding registered organisations and their officials and representatives.

We call on Australian Parliamentarians to support this legislation.

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