Has the pandemic unlocked new ways of working in your workplaces? Has your organisation discovered innovative strategies for work design in response to COVID-19? Are you having to manage workplace productivity differently? We want to hear from you.

Share your insights on future work design and discover what a post-pandemic workplace could look like.

AMMA members are invited to participate in a short survey to share how their workplaces have changed as a result of COVID-19.

Many resources and energy members have implemented or considered new and innovative ways of working to prevent future transmission of COVID-19 and to capture the productivity benefits unlocked through disruption.

AMMA’s Post-Pandemic Workplaces survey aims to gain insight into the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia’s resources and energy industry and understand how work is being performed differently now and into the future.

The survey questions cover a range of topics including:

  1. The adoption of new technologies to support remote and virtual work
  2. Challenges with labour mobility and work-related travel
  3. Physical distancing and new hygiene measures as permanent workplace fixtures
  4. Employee health and safety considerations connected to the health crisis
  5. Preparing the workforce for future disruptions or another pandemic

AMMA is calling on members to provide examples of the changing work practices that have been introduced or considered as part of the recovery phase.

Your input will assist with understanding how work has changed, and how it will continue to change in the very near future.

The survey should take around 10 minutes and can be accessed here.

For more information about this survey or to provide feedback directly please email [email protected].