SINCE the May launch of a 90-day program to improve immigration rates in South Australia, the state government has reported applications for skilled migrants have almost doubled.

The Immigration SA program was instated as a review process aimed at developing more flexible state criteria, reducing evidence requirements and improving application processing times for migrants.

More than 360 migrant applications have since been received at an average of 66 per week, up from 28 per week between January and May 2013, an accomplishment manufacturing, innovation and trade minister Tom Kenyon said is a positive result.

“Skilled business migrants create further investment opportunities, jobs, greater industry capability and economic growth,” Mr Kenyon said.

“In working with local business to review state migration criteria, we are aiming to increase the number of skilled and business migrants entering South Australia.”

Included in the changes to the state’s immigration program was a website upgrade to create a single hub for interested migrant stakeholders; and an extension to validity dates for language and skills assessments to reduce the number of rejected applications due to outdated documentation.

The Immigration SA trial will conclude on 2 August 2013, with a number of outcomes already in effect as of 1 July 2013.

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