MAJOR business services firm KPMG is offering technology start-ups a unique opportunity to connect with resource industry employers as part of a new program to get new businesses off the ground by solving problems in the mining, oil and gas sectors.

Launching in Perth and focusing on Western Australian industry, Energise will see start-ups guided through a 12-week program to develop and pitch a solution for a resource industry problem, potentially leading to new capital input from leading resource employers.

“KPMG Australia will work alongside our established clients to identify their most pressing issues and areas of interest, crafting these into selection criteria for start-up applications,” KPMG revealed in a recent statement.

“Then, each entrant has 12 weeks to propose and build a solution, with access to ‘real-time’ customer feedback and up to 40 of KPMG’s leading advisory staff across multiple service lines.

“At the end of the process, clients will have the option to trial or adopt their start-up’s solution into their business, while each entrant will also have the opportunity to pitch for capital from our key ENR clients and other high net-worth individuals.”

According to program director Tony Gardner, mentorship will be a key benefit to start-ups engaging in the Energise program.

“Successful start-up applicants will also receive mentoring from world-class entrepreneurs and energy and natural resources (ENR) tech mentors based locally and in Silicon Valley,” he said.

Energise will be the largest accelerator in Western Australia, and largest ENR accelerator in the Asia Pacific region.”

KPMG anticipates receiving more than 100 start-up applications from 1 March 2015, and while a competitive selection process will cut the list down to eight, KMPG’s Western Australian chairman Gary Smith says resource employers will gain from innovative outcomes.

“Innovation is a critical driver of KPMG’s own business strategy. In order to achieve above-trend growth, businesses really have to do something disruptive and game-changing,” Mr Smith said.

“Critical to driving our differentiation in the marketplace is our ethos aimed at sparking, nurturing and driving innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours both within KPMG Australia, and most critically, for our clients.”

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