In this interview on Sky News – Credlin, AMMA’s Director of Workplace Relations Amanda Mansini and the Master Builders Association’s CEO Denita Wawn explore the implications of the proposed merger between the CFMEU and MUA and the impact on the resources and energy and construction and building industries.

Peta Credlin discusses the merger between the CFMEU and Maritime Union of Australia noting the two unions combined would have more than 140,000 members.

Ms Mansini says the super union would represent all elements of the resources supply chain. She claims they are notorious for their lawlessness. She says the CFMEU and MUA are right now manning an illegal picket, holding the Victorian Waterfront ransom.

Ms Wawn says the contempt these unions have for the right of law is extraordinary. She says they have constant breaches, disrupting people going on about their everyday business. She notes this jeopardises jobs and community work. She is concerned with what a super union would do to the construction and building industry.

A video by the CFMEU promoting their merger is played during this interview. Ms Mansini says the video shows the clear intent that the unions have to show industrial chaos on Australian business and people. She adds that it discourages investment to Australian shores, and is chasing away Australian jobs.

Ms Wawn notes her concerns about the merger. She thinks the public interest test is vital. She says it could be done by Christmas.

Ms Mansini says the two would become more powerful because they have more resources, and cause chaos industrially. Ms Wawn urges talks with the Government on the concerns.