SHREE Minerals reached a milestone in Tasmania last week with the opening of its Tarkine mine site in the state’s far North-West.

The project, estimated to have an initial lifetime of 10 years with potential extension of up to 30 years, is expected to generate an annual income of up to $80 million and create more than 120 new jobs.

The Tasmanian Government welcomed the news, hailing it is a significant step toward lowering the state’s unemployment rate, currently the highest in Australia.

“This is the culmination of years of work and a multi-million dollar investment in mineral exploration by the company,” energy and resources minister Bryan Green said.

“The investment and jobs from the Shree mine are extremely important for the Circular Head region, the mining industry in general and the Tasmanian economy.”

Mr Green believes the Shree mine project will precede more mining developments in the future for Tasmania.

“The heavily mineralised areas of the North-West and West Coasts are providing significant jobs and opportunities for Tasmania,” he said.

“Provided new mines in Tasmania meet all the required approvals there is absolutely no reason they should not proceed.”