Are you tired of the workplace relations debate not properly considering where Australian workplaces are headed in the future?

Do you think there is an untold story about how Australia’s approach to work could better meet the needs of future Australian employers and employees?

AMMA is currently preparing the most “future focused” thought-leadership paper it has published in two decades.

This 2018 White Paper will examine how Australia’s current approach to regulating work needs to completely overhauled if our nation is to take advantage of the opportunities brought about by change and evolution in the way we work.

AMMA is seeking your help.

Through a short survey, Guiding Principles for Future Workplace Regulation, you can tell us what’s going on in your workplaces and how the workplace relations system could better support future workforce and industry trends.

Your input is sought across the following categories:

  1. The need for a “future focused” debate to properly examine how work could be better regulated in Australia.
  2. The impacts of technology in how Australians go about their work.
  3. Changes in demographics, workforce composition and work attitudes.
  4. Competitive fundamentals for workplace relations in the resources and energy sector.
  5. Foundations for a future workplace system.

In addition to building the case for a new approach to workplace relations policy in Australia, your input will be invaluable for guiding AMMA’s campaigns leading into the next Federal Election.

The survey should take around 25 minutes and can be accessed here.

For more information about this project or to provide your feedback and input directly, please email [email protected].