EMPLOYMENT minister Eric Abetz has marked the beginning of SafeWork Australia month this October with the launch of a virtual seminar series targeting new innovations in workplace health and safety.

The Australian Strategy Work Health and Safety Virtual Seminar Series is a free online program developed in partnership with the federal government to showcase the latest thinking, developments and research in OHS.

The program features presentations from national and globally recognised safety experts, discussions with business leaders and live online panels exploring the importance of maintaining high workplace health and safety standards.

“Safe Work Australia Month and the Virtual Seminar Series provide individuals, businesses and the general community with a platform to start a conversation about work health and safety,” Senator Abetz said.

“Raising awareness of work health and safety will reduce injuries, increase productivity and may save a life. It’s important for all businesses – no matter their size – to effectively manage the health and safety of their workers.

“That’s why the Australian Government is working towards ensuring straightforward and easy-to-understand work health and safety guidance so that everyone can understand what they need to do.

“This October, I encourage everyone to make work health and safety a priority, take part in the Virtual Seminar Series and become a safety leader by getting involved in Safe Work Australia Month.”

Widespread support for Safe Work Australia Month

Also as part of Safe Work Australia month, employers and employees are being encouraged to attend safety events, become safety ambassadors and promote safety to their peers and colleagues.

Thiess and Bechtel are conducting their own safety campaigns in line with Safe Work Australia month, taking to social media to promote important safety messages such as how to tackle fatigue and ‘stop the drop’.

Business group the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), of which AMMA is a member, will also promote the safety message by taking part in the Australian Strategy Virtual Safety Seminar Series with a video to be released on 8 October at 2pm titled, ‘Work Health and Safety, Small Business and Responsive Regulation’.

“Workplaces should plan ahead in all areas of business, including well informed approaches to work health and safety,” ACCI chief Kate Carnell said.

“Good business practice which includes a culture where safety is part of everyday business is important and we encourage businesses to re-affirm these WHS messages during Safe Work Australia month, October 2014.”

For more information about SafeWork Australia Month, click here.