Statement from AMMA chief executive Steve Knott

AUSTRALIA’s national resource industry employer group, AMMA, pays tribute to Warren Truss and Andrew Robb, two leading political figures who have made a valuable contribution to the resource industry and to the nation.

Warren Truss:

Mr Truss has delivered wide ranging and consistent leadership for the Australian people both as the member for Wide Bay, and across ministerial and shadow ministerial portfolios encompassing infrastructure, transport, trade, regions, agriculture, border protection and community services.

Mr Truss has delivered a significant foundation for the ongoing growth and success of the Australian resource industry, particularly through his work to improve productive infrastructure, deliver more effective logistics, and open up new international trade opportunities.

His legacy of achievements provides important foundations for Australia’s successful resources production and exports, and will do so long into the future.

Andrew Robb:

AMMA shares the Prime Minister’s assessment that Andrew Robb has been the most successful trade minister in Australia’s history.

The China, Japan and South Korea free trade agreements secured under his leadership and relentless hard work have opened up significant new opportunities for Australia’s resources producers to satisfy the commodity demands of a rising middle class in Asia.

By eliminating tariffs, fast tracking access to international markets and supporting our competitive position in the growing Asia Pacific region, these agreements will play an invaluable role in underpinning the next phase of resources investment and expansion.

The recent signing of the Transpacific Partnership – encompassing 12 nations accounting for 40% of global GDP – is another great milestone in Mr Robb’s distinguished parliamentary career which will further promote investment in Australia’s resource sector and open doors for local exporters.

AMMA also congratulates Mr Robb for his leadership on mental illness. His openness and advocacy have played a very important role in starting to destigmatise mental illness and ease the way for critical conversations and growing awareness that is helping people throughout the resource industry and the broader community.

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