MINING communities in New South Wales continue to attract infrastructure investment with the state government receiving 58 applications for projects under the Resources for Regions program for 2013-14.

The program, now in its second round, is sourced from the Restart NSW government funding scheme and aims to support both social and economic infrastructure development in townships affected by mining.

Economic infrastructure projects eligible for the grants include roads, rail, airports, public transport, and local water and sewerage projects.

Social infrastructure projects may be hospitals, child care, vocational training, housing development, and workplaces for frontline staff such as police officers, teachers and nurses.

“Projects for more than $290 million of Restart NSW funding were submitted for considering under the second round of grants,” regional infrastructure and services minister Andrew Stoner said.

“The proposed projects range from airport upgrades to road and bridge repairs to childcare and training centres.

“Up to $78 million will be on offer for successful projects under the second round, which follows the $41.9m awarded for six projects under the first round in 2013.

In 2012, $10 million was allocated to regional developments, which the state government upped by an additional $120 million in the 2013-14 Budget.

“The state government expects to announces projects shortlisted for round two early next year,” Mr Stone said.

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