In this edition of AMMA’s Resource People podcast, hear from Linda O’Farrell about Fortescue’s diversity and inclusion strategies and how it drives industry-leading performance.

As Director of Fortescue People, Linda shares how the company nurtures women in leadership, how it is responding to training and skills in response to industry shortages.

Linda also shares the company’s workforce development programs and goes in-depth on its exciting phase for expansion in Australia and overseas – and what it means for Fortescue people.

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Listen now – Resource People Podcast (Series Two)

You now have unique access to the stories behind the people, workforces and companies of Australia’s resources and energy industry.

Building on the success of the inaugural series, AMMA’s Resource People Podcast has released Series Two for your listening pleasure.

Delving into the minds of industry people and leaders, you’ll hear firsthand the incredible stories from our sector on topics ranging from workforce challenges during COVID-19, leadership, diversity and inclusion, mental health and much more.

Series Two features:

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