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Last week, AMMA hosted its first Brisbane Industry Briefing for 2020, with many members taking the opportunity to hear from a senior member of  the Fair Work Ombudsman.

AMMA thanks Cletus Brown, Director of Knowledge at the FWO, who spoke about a range of issues impacting employers, including changes to annualised salary rules, general compliance and the FWO’s engagement with employers.

Cletus Brown, Director of Knowledge at the Fair Work Ombudsman, with AMMA Head of Policy and Public Affairs Tom Reid.













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Gain an understanding of why workplace relations is such a critical business pillar, and learn the skills to effectively handle the common situations they are likely to be presented with.
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Ensures your key people are educated on appropriate workplace behaviour, to mitigate the risks associated with inappropriate conduct, and to encourage a positive workplace culture.
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Covers all the bases to ensure line managers and human resource professionals have the knowledge and confidence to deal with poor performance and misconduct.
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Covering theoretical and practical aspects in order to equip managers and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills required to conduct an effective and fair workplace investigation.
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Explores Australia’s complex bargaining processes and the legal frameworks that govern it, and develops the communication and negotiation skills required to obtain the best outcomes.
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Provides an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of employers in regards to right of entry and provide the skills and knowledge to prepare for and manage a right of entry effectively.
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Develop key leadership skills to ensure supervisors’ embed your organisational values within their teams and have the skills and capability required to succeed and manage people effectively.
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