AMMA Training and Development director Janine Temple talks training your workforce in 2014 and offers insight on how to plan for a year of growth, productivity and competitiveness.

EVERY organisation is on a long-term venture to perform at its highest level and the only method of achieving that objective is through ongoing improvement. If beating the competition with lower costs, faster turnaround and higher returns is on your agenda, then learning and training must be on your agenda, too.

Training and development leads to higher performance and ensures that your organisation not only survives, but thrives for years to come. It achieves these crucial outcomes by coaching your employees to adapt in changing business environments, giving your organisation a rewarding and sustainable advantage over your competitors.

Of course, the key to ensuring both you and your employees can respond to new challenges as they arise is to continue the training process. Providing sporadic opportunities in development means progress becomes sporadic, and a strong business foundation stems from commitment, stable growth and effective workforce planning.

Indeed, planning is well recognised as the cornerstone of preparedness, and 2014 is nearly upon us. Now is the time to ensure your organisation is prepared for a year of moving from strength to strength by laying out your training and development plan.

Your training and development plan should not be perceived as a cost, but rather as an investment. When plotted as a regular, systematic and effective program, workforce planning can be exploited as a crucial business strategy that gets you ahead of the competition. Regardless of the size of your organisation, planning ahead means you will spend all of 2014 capitalising on the best possible performance capacity from your team.

As the national resource industry employer group, AMMA is the leading body behind workforce planning across the mining, oil and gas sectors. As the resource industry’s own Registered Training Organisation, AMMA Training and Development can help you plan your training schedule in 2014, deliver customised programs in your workplace, and make sure your organisation is well positioned to grow in the coming year.

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