WORKFORCE development is a top priority for resource industry employers, and AMMA Training & Development is providing AMMA members with access to the industry’s leading trainers and assessors through its innovative training partnership program.

WHILE many resource industry employers have taken a proactive approach to workforce development, not all businesses have the infrastructure or resources required to establish their own Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

That’s why training partnerships have emerged throughout the Australian business community as the most effective way to improve skills across the workforce while avoiding any of the associated risks.

A training partnership is a cost-effective alternative to registering your organisation as an RTO and alleviates the challenge of investing, allocating resources and developing infrastructure to sustain internal training strategies.

A partnership with AMMA Training & Development is an opportunity to take advantage of AMMA’s skilled and experience team of trainers and assessors, without the financial, administrative or compliance burdens that comes with the establishment of an internal RTO.

AMMA Training & Development is the resource industry’s own Registered Training Organisation, drawing on AMMA’s near-century of experience working together with the mining, oil and gas sectors.

From short courses to nationally recognised qualifications, AMMA Training & Development offers a wide range of skilling opportunities, tailored for your organisation and offered either on-site or off-site as part of its flexible delivery options.

A partnership with AMMA Training & Development will facilitate:

  • Delivery of nationally recognised training and qualifications to your employees;
  • Assurance of the integrity and quality of the assessments your employees receive;
  • Management of in-house training programs rather than outsourcing the work;
  • Delivery of training both on- and off-site
  • Delivery of training to suit your fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) working rosters;
  • Customisation of the courseware to coincide with your organisation’s systems and procedures;
  • Providing your workforce with pathways for career development;
  • Delivery of nationally accredited training that ensures employees have the skills and competencies your organisation needs.

To learn more about joining a training partnership together with AMMA Training & Development, contact the team on 1800 891 662.