THE Australian Women in Resources Alliance is helping resource industry employers improve women’s participation in the workforce and Newcastle is next on the agenda for AWRA’s new gender diversity education campaign.

Launched earlier this month, the AWRA campaign promotes ‘top-down’ leadership towards greater gender diversity, backed by tools and information through its Way Forward Guides and Gender Diversity Capability Workshops.

“The AWRA Way Forward Guides and workshops provide the resource industry’s first end-to-end toolkit of practical business strategies to assist employers to attract and retain women workers,” AMMA chief executive Steve Knott said.

“AWRA is helping resource employers break down traditional barriers to female participation, covering everything from attraction and recruitment to culture, mentoring and work-life balance.”

Fully funded in partnership with the Australian Government, the AWRA Gender Diversity Capability Workshops represent a series of one-day events that will assist organisations to become employers of choice by coaching participants in strategies to attract, recruit and retain a gender diverse workforce.

Participants in the AWRA Gender Diversity Capability Workshops will gain skills and knowledge on:

  • Why gender diversity is a business imperative
  • How to develop a diversity strategy
  • Strategies to attract and recruit women to their organisation; and
  • Retaining skilled women through employee value propositions, such as professional development opportunities and flexible work arrangements.

The AWRA team will soon conduct one of these valuable workshops in Newcastle on 3 December 2013. For more information and to register your interest, click here.