AMMA, has welcomed the release of data from Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) indicating companies are taking a step in the right direction towards gender equality.

The data relating to the mining industry shows an increase in women’s participation in the industry of .3 per cent from 15.8 per cent in 2016, to 16.1 per cent this year.

It also shows an increase in women in management in the industry from 15.3 per cent in 2016 to 16.3 per cent in 2017.

Further, 81.5 per cent of mining employers had a formal policy or strategy on remuneration with 40.9 per cent of mining employers having specific gender pay equity objectives included in their formal policy or strategy.

AMMA’s Director of Industry Services Tara Diamond said the statistics for mining were encouraging.

“The mining industry is well ahead compared to all industries when it comes to reducing the gender pay gap with a 14.7 per cent pay gap on all remuneration compared with all industries at 22.4 per cent,” Ms Diamond said.

“While some progress has been made the mining industry is still lagging when it comes to flexible work with just 45.2 per cent of employers having a flexible working arrangements policy and 22.2 per cent having a flexible working arrangements strategy.”

The data shows the mining industry offers more average weeks of parental leave than all industries with 11.8 weeks in mining compared with 10 weeks across all industries.

“AMMA is pleased at the results of the today’s WGEA data particularly in the mining industry,” Ms Diamond said.

“The progress shown by our industry demonstrates the hard work that employers have put in, particularly over the past few years. However, more work needs to be done to increase the number of girls studying STEM to ensure that our industry has a pipeline of women for our future workforce.”

The Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) is a national workforce gender diversity initiative facilitated by Australia’s resource industry employer group, AMMA.

AMMA built AWRA in response to the growing aspirations of AMMA members to increase the representation of women at all levels in their organisations.

AWRA assists employers on their gender diversity journey with the overarching goal to increase women’s participation in the resources, allied and related construction sectors to 25 per cent by 2020, thus delivering a diverse mix of skills and talent to drive productivity and innovation.

The full WGEA score card can be found here.

AMMA’s Media release can be found here.

For further information about AMMA’s AWRA program visit our AWRA website.