The Productivity Commission (PC) is undertaking a major 12-month review of Australia’s productivity performance.

This will be the first in a regular series of reviews, undertaken at five yearly intervals, to develop and prioritise reforms to improve productivity growth and thereby increase the wellbeing of all Australians.

The productivity reviews are designed to complement Treasury’s Intergenerational Reports, and to similarly look to the future and review emerging reform trends and opportunities for Australia to improve its productivity performance.

The added dimension is that the PC has been tasked with making specific recommendations to government on reforms to maximise Australia’s future productivity performance.

The PC has produced a 26 page discussion paper, Increasing Australia’s Future Prosperity, to kick start this process and encourage submissions.

AMMA intends to make a submission to the PC’s Productivity Review by the due date of 9 December, which will focus on the importance for Australia’s future productivity of implementing the PC’s 2015 recommendations to reform Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework.

Members with any queries or wanting to input AMMA’s submission to the Productivity Review should  contact AMMA’s head of policy, Scott Barklamb.