COMMENTS made today by MUA Assistant National Secretary, Warren Smith, about the status of negotiations between the MUA and vessel operator Total Marine Services have been described as “a fabrication” by AMMA.

AMMA Chief Executive, Steve Knott, said Mr Smith’s allegations that the company had walked away from a pre-agreed position was patently false, and that Mr Smith was clearly fabricating the truth in an attempt to further damage relations between the company and its employees.

“Before Mr Smith comments on negotiations in the future, it would be better that he avail himself of the facts – perhaps he could even attend some of the negotiations himself, rather than making ill-informed comments from the sidelines.”

“In availing himself of the true status of negotiations, Mr Smith may also want to inquire of his MUA colleagues why they in fact introduced into the last round of negotiations a range of additional claims and demands that had not previously been discussed with the company,” Mr Knott said

“Total Marine Services is on the record as having already made a generous offer of a pay rise of 29% to its highly valued employees as well as a generous allowances package. It is disappointing to see the leadership of the MUA continue to drag this dispute on at the expense of these employees as well as future job creation opportunities for companies such as Total Marine.”.


Download AMMA Media Release here.