THE mining industry leads the way in ensuring their employees have access to paid leave according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics report.

AMMA Chief Executive, Steve Knott, said the ABS Report had found that in November 2009, 94 per cent of workers in the mining industry had access to paid leave entitlements, with just 6 per cent [along with the same proportion of workers in the financial and insurance services industries] being casuals with no paid entitlements to annual or sick leave.

“The 6 per cent of mining industry employees with no paid leave entitlements is significantly lower than the one in five (or 20 per cent) in the general working population,” Mr Knott said.

“These figures show an improvement on November 2008 levels, when 9 per cent of workers in the mining industry had no entitlements to paid leave, compared to 91 per cent who did.”

Mr Knott said the increase in the number of workers in the resources sector with paid leave entitlements was a consequence of employers within the sector taking every possible step to both recruit and retain their highly valued employees.


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