THE Australian mining industry has improved on its gender pay gap in 2015-2016, down to a gap of 15.8% from 17.6% the year prior, according to this year’s Gender Equality Scorecard recently released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

According to WGEA’s data, ‘mining’ now does better on gender pay than 10 other industry categories including retail, IT, real estate, financial services and many more.

Other categories that include AMMA members include ‘Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services’, which has a gender pay gap of 20% – also an improvement on last year; and manufacturing which is one of the best performing industries with a gender pay gap of just 14.2%.

‘Construction’, however, remains the third poorest Australian industry in terms of its gender pay gap, with a disparity of 29.3% – slightly worse than its result on the year prior.

In addition to the gender pay gap, WGEA’s Scorecard includes a range of other measures of workplace diversity success that resource employers can learn from and benchmark to.

For instance, in the categories of “Percentage of women in management” and “Gender Composition by Industry”, mining and construction employers remain the bottom two performers.

AMMA members are encouraged to download WGEA’s 2015-16 Gender Equality Scorecard here.

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