POLITICIANS of all political persuasions are being strongly urged to sit down and “strike a deal” on a final range of amendments needed to see the passage of legislation which would create a single national industrial relations scheme.

AMMA’s Chief Executive Steve Knott said employers had been waiting for nearly a decade to see the passage of legislation which would eliminate artificial barriers between the States when it came to employment issues.

“Australian workers are Australian workers. They do not see themselves as only having the capacity to work in just one State, and it is in both their interest as well as the national interest that this sensible and practical reform proceeds through the Senate”

“The time to strike a deal is now.” Mr Knott said.

Mr Knott said he understood there were some outstanding concerns about the Bill which could be categorised as follows:

  • the need to see that the Fair Work laws were operating properly before imposing them on the States; and
  • the ability of a single State Government to hold-up any future changes to the legislation. “Surely it is the Senate – the State’s House – which is best able to resolve these issues and come to a sensible conclusion which is in the nation’s interests.” Mr Knott said.


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