Amanda Mansini AMMA Director Workplace Relations on Sky News – Credlin

This week AMMA’s Director of Workplace Relations Amanda Mansini and Denita Wawn, Master Builders Association’s Chief Executive, featured in a television interview on Sky News – Credlin.

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This was a rare opportunity to hear an informed discussion about the implications of the merger between the CFMEU and MUA and the unanimous calls from the resources and energy, and, construction and building sectors for the ‘public interest test’.

Peta Credlin discussed the merger between the CFMEU and Maritime Union of Australia noting the two unions combined would have more than 140,000 members.

Ms Mansini said the super union would represent all elements of the resources supply chain. She highlighted that the unions were notorious for their lawlessness and pointed out that at the time of interview, the CFMEU and MUA were manning an illegal picket, holding the Victorian Waterfront ransom. Ms Mansini says the two unions would become more powerful because they had more combined resources, and could cause industrial chaos.

Ms Wawn said the contempt these unions had for the right of law was extraordinary and the construction and building industry experienced constant breaches, disrupting people going about their everyday business. She noted this jeopardised jobs and community work. She was concerned with what a super union would do to the construction and building industry.

video by the CFMEU promoting their merger was played during this interview and Ms Mansini said it showed the intent of the unions to create industrial chaos. She added that this level of disruption discourages investment in Australia and in turn Australian jobs.

There has been comprehensive and ongoing coverage of this issue in the mainstream print media. Most recently this week:

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