TRADE qualified men aged 35-55 remain the largest group of resource industry jobseekers, but a new industry-led demographic index reveals some surprising traits among people actively pursuing careers across Australia’s mining, oil and gas sectors.

The AMMA Jobseeker Index is a new biannual analysis of the trends, motivations and demographics of resource industry jobseekers and the first edition (June 2013) has delivered wide ranging results.

“The Index shows jobseekers typically have more than 15 years experience in the workforce and varying degrees of education, though many hold diplomas, certificates or trade qualifications,” says AMMA director Kyla Jones.

“Many are hoping to progress their career within the industry or want to transfer from another sector and take advantage of the benefits a resource career offers.

“Jobseekers also appear to be open to flexible work arrangements, including a range of FIFO rosters with two-weeks on, one-week off being the most popular choice.

“While men remain the dominant demographic, it is encouraging that 30% of all people showing interest in a resource industry career are women. This shows collective employer efforts to attract more women and increase the traditional 15% female-participation rate, are gaining momentum.”

The results also show that the remote locations, diverse opportunities and flexible nature on offer within the resource industry are seeing more jobseekers gather career information online.

“Networking online and visiting career websites exposes jobseekers to greater opportunities than the local paper or recruitment firm,” Ms Jones says.

“People interested in mining, oil and gas careers are proving to be very tech-savvy, with 62% actively searching through social media channels such as Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.”

Other key findings from the AMMA Jobseekers Index include:

  • 72% of jobseekers are aged 35 or older
  • Men represent 70% of the jobseeker audience with an average age of 42
  • 61% of jobseekers have more than 15 years of workforce experience
  • 23% are Degree educated; 48% are qualified to Diploma, Trade or Certificate I, II, II
  • Almost a third (32%) hail from Queensland, followed by 18% in Western Australia
  • Jobseekers are largely motivated by career progression or a change in industry
  • Jobseekers value information on career development more than other non-salary benefits
  • Workers experienced in skilled trades, administration, management, engineering and construction represented the largest respondent groups.

The AMMA Jobseeker Index is compiled from a national survey of 1,045 visitors to the resource industry owned-and-operated careers website, AMMA

The Index tracks key demographics, lifestyle and job search trends to provide a biannual report on the national resource industry jobseeker audience and recruitment landscape.

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