RESOURCE industry employers now have new access to health services tailored for the mining, oil and gas sectors with industry employer group AMMA announcing a new partnership with leading health services provider Jobfit Health Group.

Renowned for its worksites featuring heavy machinery, molten metals and explosives, Australia’s resource industry places workplace health and safety at the top of its agenda, and risk reduction is critical to safe operations.

Specialising in health services to reach high standards of safety, Jobfit managing director Steven Harvey says the new corporate partnership with AMMA will take risk reduction to a new level for AMMA members.

“AMMA members now have access to a national, high-quality occupational health care service that delivers innovative and consistent risk reduction results,” Mr Harvey says.

“We are a diversified medical service provider of occupational healthcare services, servicing corporate clients nationally.”

Established in 1996, Jobfit has emerged as a leader servicing the resource industry, setting them apart as experienced in the unique challenges of the mining, oil and gas sectors.

“Our business has been built from the mining, oil and gas sectors with over 75% of our activity derived from the resource industry,” Mr Harvey says.

“The demand for Jobfit has grown because we have increased our capacity to service the sector through a network of 32 owned and operated centres that align to mining projects.

“Serviced by more than 300 employees, our geographical footprint is unmatched in Australia.”

Specifically, Mr Harvey says resource employers are focusing on the human element of worksite safety more than ever.

“The demand continues to increase due to a strong motivation by resource companies to reduce human risk,” he says.

“Medical assessments have gained popularity in recent times due to clients seeking to manage the risks of future injury, and we also see a high demand in Injury Management solutions, as well as Drug and Alcohol Testing.

“Resource employers continue to choose Jobfit because we have also developed our Health Monitor system that is unique to the market and helps resource employers manage their health profiles.”

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