INDUSTRIAL relations reform advocacy organisation, the HR Nicholls Society, is next month hosting a lunch event in Adelaide to explore how labour market reform and other deregulatory measures could strengthen the South Australian economy.

Taking place on October 22 at the Bert Kelly Research Centre, the event features Canberra-based trade economist Malcolm Bosworth as keynote speaker. Bosworth has extensive links to the Australian National University and the World Trade Institute, and has previously been an consultant to international organisations including the Word Trade Organistion.

The second keynote speaker will be Professor Christopher Findlay, executive Dean of the Faculty of the Professions at the University of Adelaide. Findlay’s research interests include Australia’s economic relations with Asia and impediments to services, trade and investment including the impact of domestic regulation.

“The object of the forum is commercial and economic,” says the HR Nicholls Society.

“It seeks to support the economic measures of the South Australian Government and to encourage large corporate firms to Adelaide. This forum will examine strengthening the South Australian economy through the labour market, other deregulatory measures and finding the right place in the supply chain in open markets.

“The forum should be of direct relevance to all interested in a more diverse economy for the state.”

For more information on this Adelaide event, visit the HR Nicholls Society website here.