AMMA has advised a Senate Committee that policy discussions around the planned closure of coal-fired power stations must be holistic and fact-based to avoid risking Australia’s long-term energy security.

AMMA’s comments form part of its submission to the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee which is inquiring into the case for the planned closure of coal-fired power stations and related policy mechanisms (click here for terms of reference).

In its submission, AMMA notes that for the thermal coal sector in particular, genuine and constructive policy discussion on Australia’s energy future is needed to ensure:

  1. Australia’s ability to maintain access to affordable, reliable energy for industries and the community for decades to come;
  2. There is an appropriate and just transition for industry, employees and communities;
  3. Australia’s resource exporters maintain and secure a substantial share of future international energy exports, including for coal; and
  4. Australia meets its agreed international environmental obligations.

“Australia requires a secure supply of adequate and reliable energy at an affordable price, now and into the future. This is imperative for maintaining and advancing Australian’s living standards as well as Australia’s future economic growth and prosperity,” the submission states.

AMMA also stressed the importance of genuinely ‘just transitions’ not only for employees, but also for  communities and the industry in the event of further coal-fired power station closures.

“If Australia is to make foreshadowed energy transitions, there will be further closures of coal-fired power stations. A key challenge for governments, to which hopefully this inquiry can make a positive contribution, is how best to implement such closures and the losses of existing jobs,” the submission states.

The Committee’s interim report is due by 28 November 2016, with a final report by 1 February 2017.

Click here to read AMMA’s full submission.

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For more information on AMMA submission or involvement in the inquiry, please contact AMMA principal adviser – industry and economic policy, Tristan Menalda via [email protected] or (03) 9614 4777.