AMMA members are invited to contribute their knowledge, thoughts and experiences on workplace drug testing practices in a survey released by research group Drug Testing Today as part of Safe Work Australia Month 2013.

Drawing data from regulators, industry associations, trade unions, workplaces and drug test providers, the survey will be an industry-first in providing data to support review and reform in the field of drug testing.

“Drug testing standards were first introduced in 1995 and have since been a battleground between employers, unions and other stakeholders due to inefficient guidelines and regulations,” the survey states.

“The area is off-limit to WorkCover and WorkSafe regulators, as well as Safe Work Australia, while rulings under Fair Work Australia have been ambiguous.

“With no official guidelines, regulator, watchdog or industry association, this drug testing survey is the first step in the process toward review and reform.”

As advocates for stringent workplace health and safety measures, AMMA members are encouraged to complete the drug testing survey and help guide the future of Australia’s drug testing legislation.

To complete the survey, click here.