Australia’s peak resources and energy group AMMA has confirmed growing sector concerns that the stability of the supply chain, from pit to port, is at risk if the CFMEU/MUA merger is allowed to go ahead.

“In Australia, we have clear rules to promote competitive business practices and the same rules should apply to unions who might otherwise restrict trade through unlawful conduct,” AMMA Director Workplace Relations, Amanda Mansini said.

“Unfortunately some unions persist in lawless noncompliance with the nation’s workplace laws and wear it as a badge of honour. This not only impacts company and Government revenues, but also drives away future investment opportunities in droves.”

AMMA is increasingly concerned the risk of these particularly militant unions combining to hold a monopoly of the supply chain would translate to millions of dollars of foregone revenue for both State and Federal Governments, in turn affecting all Australians.

“The two unions have made it very clear the intention of the merger is to ramp up national industrial and economic vandalism. In recent weeks, industry has observed a noticeable escalation of unlawful activity organised by these unions, some saying not seen since the days of the 1998 waterfront dispute,” Ms Mansini said.

“We need investment, we need jobs and we need projects. A power-heavy, lawless union is only going to detract from this.

“This is why Australia needs the public interest test in the Ensuring Integrity Bill. There is nothing contentious about a public interest test to incentivise unions to comply with the law if they want to become more powerful, especially where the usual incentive of civil penalties is not working effectively.”

“In AMMA’s 100 years of operations no stone has been left unturned to promote and protect resources and energy employers’ interests.”

Ms Mansini said it was unclear if any FWC determination on the CMFEU takeover would be subject to Federal and possibly High Court review.

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