AMMA member Grange Resources will be one of 31 Tasmanian organisations selected to accompany Premier Lara Giddings on an Asia trade mission to commence next week.

Comprising 60 delegates from a range of industries including agriculture, mining and resources, the trade mission will promote products, services and investment in Tasmania in an effort to stimulate job creation state-wide.

In a statement released last week, Premier Giddings said the mission reflected the state government’s endeavour to reduce the state’s record unemployment rate of 8.4%.

“My Government’s number one priority is jobs and this trade mission is geared towards job creation,” Ms Giddings said.

“Whether it is creating increased market demand for our fresh fruit and seafood, attracting more international students or exporting expertise in energy and research – all of these things help generate employment in Tasmania.”

The delegation will depart for Indonesia on 1 September and visit Hong Kong, China and Japan before returning to Australia on 15 September.

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