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The Federal Government has promised the Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC) an extra $3.7 million in funding over four years from 2019-20.

The funding tops up the agency’s annual operating budget, which was $32.5m in 2017-18.

Industrial Relations minister Kelly O’Dwyer announced the funding on pressday, following the release of an independent review (and the govt’s response) into the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 released late last week (see below).

O’Dwyer said that since the ABCC was re-established in 2016, the agency had received more than 470 complaints, carried out 355 investigations, and recouped more than $450m in wages and entitlements for employees.

Australian Mines & Metals Association (AMMA) chief executive Steve Knott said the funding would “better safeguard” the community from “intimidation, thuggery and contemptuous disregard for our nation’s workplace laws”.

Knott took aim at the CFMMEU.

“Regular and nonchalant law-breaking is simply part of the CFMMEU business model and more needs to be done to protect Australians from their disgraceful and reckless conduct,” he said.

“AMMA is pleased the Minister has stood up for everyday Australians, protecting their businesses and the country’s interests by promoting legal compliance and upholding workplace laws.”