THE Western Australian Government has last week launched a plan to help fill skills shortages and support community development in the state’s resource-rich Pilbara region.

Developed as part of the state government’s Skilling WA initiative, the Pilbara Workforce Development Plan 2013-2016 outlines 40 priority actions addressing issues in access to affordable housing, support services for Indigenous workers and scopes in educational criteria.

According to training and workforce development minister Terry Redman, the four-year plan will ease predicted skills shortages as major projects commence in coming years.

 “As the leading mining region of Western Australia and the base of the nation’s offshore oil and gas reserves, the Pilbara is undergoing significant growth and development, which has generated significant demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers,” Mr Redman said.

“The region’s remoteness, highly transient workforce and growing demand for workers together create a unique set of challenges and opportunities and this plan will meet both head-on.”

The plan was developed following consultation with affected stakeholders in Port Hedland, Karratha, Roebourne, Onslow, Tom Price and Newman.

To learn more about the Pilbara Workforce Development Plan 2013-2016 and to obtain a copy, click here.