AMMA corporate partner Medvet is Australia’s largest on-site health and safety solutions provider. This year, Medvet is offering AMMA members the opportunity to protect their workforce against influenza with an on-site vaccination clinic. Here are five reasons to get your workplace vaccinated with Medvet.

1. Protect against the flu

As at 29th August 2014, the federal government reported there have been 42,354 cases of laboratory confirmed influenza reported across Australia. According to the Influenza Specialist Group (ISG), many more unconfirmed cases go unreported with swine flu making up the majority of the cases in 2014. This year’s flu vaccine provides good coverage against the current circulating viruses.

2. Keep your workforce working

According to the Influenza Specialist Group, 2014 records show more than 8,259 cases of laboratory confirmed influenza occurred among younger people – aged between 20 and 49. Dr Alan Hampson, Chairman of the ISG notes that ‘People tend to think of the flu as an illness that has its worst impact on the elderly. The reality is that influenza results in 18,000 hospitalisations every year. Many of those seriously affected are not elderly people. They are regular working people.’ This means your workforce is likely to be affected by the flu each year.

3. Stop the spread

Influenza is highly contagious and the ISG reported that as many as 94% of workers suffering with the flu have gone to work, potentially infecting their co-workers. Dr Alan Hampson has stated that ‘if you have the flu, the worst thing you can do is carry on going to work.’

4. Reduce absenteeism

The CSIRO reports that every year, the flu contributes to 10-12% of all absenteeism in the workplace and costs Australian businesses an average of 1.5 million days of sick leave and $175 million dollars annually.

5. Invest in workforce health

Flu is a debilitating illness and as statistics indicate, can seriously affect the health and productivity of your workforce. Workplace vaccination is a smart investment and annual vaccination against the flu provides best protection against this disease, minimising the financial impact absenteeism has on your business.

Medvet offers a national cost-effective on-site flu vaccination clinic at your workplace using experienced immunisation nurses. By booking your 2015 clinic now, you are in the best position to secure your preferred dates and times. Email [email protected] or call Jill Kirkwood on 1800 633 838 now for a quote or to book your 2015 clinic.