The final episode of a campaign lifting awareness of the role natural gas plays in everyday lives is set to be showcased this week.

The Brighter program is an initiative of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), the voice of the oil and gas industry and includes an eight-week informative online series.

The online series, The Chef’s Secret – Cooking with Gas, premiered online on Monday 14 January. They have brought on two well-known Australian chefs, Adrian Richardson and Georgia Barnes, to demonstrate how Australians can make the most of natural gas used for cooking – whether it be on a cooktop, BBQ or even camping stove.

This eight-part series is available to view on the Brighter website ( with the final episodes airing 4pm on Monday, 4 March.

APPEA is seeking AMMA members to get involved in its “Brighter” program.

Through AMMA’s community of shared interest, we are encouraging members to become involved in APPEA’s program and promote the importance of natural gas.

To spread the word or just learn more – find and follow Brighter through these channels: