AN updated Code of Practice has been released to help promote and maintain the mental health of FIFO workers in Western Australia.

It comes after the Western Australian Government earlier this year released for public comment its Draft code of practice for mentally healthy workplaces for fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers in the resources and construction sectors.

The updated draft includes a summary report detailing feedback from the public and how their issues were addressed.

Using a risk assessment process to identify potential psychosocial hazards and factors, the draft code of practice is aimed at helping protect mental health in the workplace.

The draft Code, which was developed with input from the resources sector, builds on recommendations from a 2015 Western Australian Legislative Assembly Inquiry into the mental health impacts of FIFO work arrangements.

AMMA has been of the view the Code is not overly prescriptive and takes an educative and risk-based approach to dealing with the impacts on employees’ mental health from FIFO work patterns.

However, AMMA is seeking to understand why the Code only considers the impact of FIFO operations in the resources and construction sectors on the mental health of employees, when other industry sectors have similar work patterns involving employees working away from their homes for days or weeks at a time.

AMMA will be working with our members and the Western Australian Government to ensure any feedback from the resources and energy industry is represented and considered in the final iteration of the Code.

Public comment is welcomed on the second draft, with more information available here.

For more information, contact [email protected].