RESOURCE industry employers today expressed their concerns over the outbreak of industrial action occurring on the nation’s waterfront.

Steve Knott, Chief Executive of resource industry group AMMA, said the escalation in the dispute occurring between the Maritime Union of Australia and Patrick was extremely concerning, not just for the businesses being directly impacted, but also in terms of the damage to our international reputation.

“A little over a year ago, the MUA took advantage of the workplace laws to undertake a series of sanctioned industrial stoppages against firms operating in the off-shore oil and gas sector in Western Australia,” Mr Knott said.

“At the time, their tactics included taking a series of rolling stoppages which cost the economy and businesses millions of dollars and crippled the capacity of these employers to be able to reliably undertake the day-to-day operations of their business.

“Once again, we are seeing a re-run of a situation where companies are being told to comply-or-die by militant unions and the government is sitting back and allowing this happen,” Mr Knott said.

“Most fair-minded Australians would be asking themselves how the MUA can justify going out on strike in seeking a $32,000 a year pay rise for a group of workers who already receive north of $100 000 for working just over half a year.

“It’s critical for the government to act now and review our flawed workplace laws to ensure Australia and its businesses are well-placed for the inevitable softening of the Chinese economy and the resource boom.


Download AMMA Media Release here.