THE Fair Work Commission yesterday announced immediate changes to its panel system, including the merger of existing panels and the introduction of a regional model.

The panel system is used to allocate applications to the Commission, with a senior member of the Commission appointed as a panel head and taking primary administrative responsibility for the work of each panel.

The most significant change will see the merger of the current Transport and Logistics Panel with the Mining, Agriculture and Electric Power Panel to form the new Services and Mining Panel, with Senior Deputy President Hamberger as Panel Head.

In addition, Vice President Watson will head the Major Projects Panel and Health and related industries will move from the Media, Ports, Oils and Gas Panel to the Government Services Panel, under Vice President Catanzariti as Panel Head.

The Commission will also move to a model of regional industry allocation in South Australia and Western Australia. All panel matters in these states will be allocated to local members through Senior Deputy President O’Callaghan (SA) and Deputy President Bull (WA).

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