AS the 2016 Federal Election campaign kicks off, AMMA has written to every Member of Parliament to alert them of key results of the AMMA 2016 Federal Election Survey and urge them to consider ‘5 workplace relations reforms over 5 years’ that would significant benefit the national interest.

In the letter, sent to both Senators and members of the lower house at their electorate offices, AMMA chief executive Steve Knott says ‘imbalances and flaws’ within Labor’s Fair Work Act 2009 must be addressed to ensure the resource industry can compete globally and attract job-creating investment to Australia.

“In addition to our extensive submissions to two separate enquiries into the Fair Work laws, AMMA recently surveyed more than 100 leading resource companies to further record their operating experiences under Australia’s current workplace relations system,” Mr Knott explains.

“The survey clearly shows widespread industry support for fundamental reforms that would get Australia’s workplace relations system back on track and ensure it supports the workplaces of the future.

“As a starting point, AMMA has developed the following 5 reforms over 5 years, which we will advocate for during the 2016 Election campaign and during the next term of government:

  1. Focus enterprise bargaining, and ensure legally protected strike action can only be taken over claims pertaining to the employment relationship, not union ‘wish lists’ of claims.
  2. Return balance to union workplace entry laws by creating an enforceable code of conduct and removing union access to employee lunch rooms when other suitable meeting rooms are available.
  3. Expand agreement making options to facilitate employment arrangements, both individual and collective, directly between employees and employers.
  4. Reform unfair dismissal and ‘general protections’ laws to ensure employers are not forced to pay ‘go away money’ to settle claims without merit.
  5. Replace the Fair Work Commission with modern, balanced institutions by creating an Australian Employment Tribunal and a separate Employment Appeals Tribunal.

“Resource employers, through AMMA, will also continue to support the restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and extending its coverage to offshore construction and suppliers.”

AMMA will update members of any significant outcomes from this letter or ongoing advocacy activities throughout the 2016 Federal Election campaign.

We again thank all members who participated in our election survey and will continue to use the invaluable results in the industry’s pursuit of a modern and competitive workplace relations system.

Click here to read the materials sent to Australian Parliament MPs and Senators this week.

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