Join the expert in labour relations and social license to operate, Clark Herman, at AMMA’s 2017 Resource Industry Employer Forum | 22 August 2017

Specialising in the development and implementation of labour relations strategies, Clark Herman (pictured) is bringing his vast international experience to AMMA’s Perth event this August.

Based in the US, Clark comes to share his expertise on labour relations and social license to operate.

His expert advice on workplace issues, including industrial relations and human resources management, will be a focus of Clark’s address and workshops at the event.

Clark has worked around the world developing strategies for numerous large businesses, including the negotiation of a record number of agreements on behalf of businesses.

With longstanding relations with the main labour unions and professional organisations in Europe and North America, he will explore the intersection with workforce, industrial relations and employee engagement – including strategies and tactics for addressing global anti-corporate campaigns.

Impact of social license to operate and global activism

Clark will comprehensively deliver on the issues of global activism and social license to operate.

As a pre-eminent expert in these fields, Clark will provide his international insights and experience as a unique professional development opportunity for employers and workplace professionals.

Clark will be providing a workshop and address in Perth on 22 August. This session will include international and local case studies as well as strategies and practical guidance from Clark and your Australian colleagues.

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