FOLLOWING the Coalition’s success in limiting parliamentary debate on the bill, the House of Representatives will tomorrow vote on legislation to repeal the carbon and mining taxes.

The Abbott Government introduced the Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013 and the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013 last Wednesday as well as nine other legislative bills in its first parliamentary sitting week.

This week the government comfortably passed a motion to limit debate on the 11 bills, ending tomorrow at noon, with Leader of the House Christopher Pyne stating the Coalition believed Labor had ample time to ‘determine whether or they are in favour or against the carbon tax’.

Introducing the carbon tax repeal bill last week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott again repeated his position that the ‘Australian people have already voted upon this bill’ and that ‘they want the carbon tax scrapped’.

“Repealing the carbon tax should be the first economic reform of this Parliament and it will be followed by further economic reforms: bills to repeal the mining tax, to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission and to deal with Labor’s debt legacy,” said the PM.

“Repealing the carbon tax at the end of the financial year provides certainty for business and it simplifies the transition.

“It means that this government will not be proceeding with the previous government’s legislated carbon tax increase that would have taken effect from the 1st of July next year.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has repeated Labor’s position that it would always vote against the bill unless the government intends to replace it with a floating price emissions trading mechanism.

Mr Shorten has also indicated the Labor Opposition will vote against the repeal of the mining tax.

Given the ongoing politicking, it is likely both pieces of legislation will have to wait until the new Senate comes into effect in mid-2014 before being passed into law.