AMMA welcomes Senator Matt Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia and Senator for Queensland, back to his portfolios, following a High Court dual-citizenship verdict which deemed he was eligible to sit in Parliament.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald the High Court matter, “only strengthened my resolve to fight for those things that will make people’s lives better like a secure job, a loving family and a safe Australia”.

Senator Canavan stood aside July, after it was revealed his mother had registered herself as well as Senator Canavan as an Italian overseas voter in 2006.

The High Court determined the registration did not make him an Italian citizen. He had not applied for a declaration of Italian citizenship.

“On the evidence before the court, one cannot be satisfied that Senator Canavan was a citizen of Italy.”

“AMMA looks forward to working with Senator Canavan to ensure that the resources and energy industry can continue to attract investment and generate ongoing employment and economic benefits for the nation,” AMMA’s Chief Executive Steve Knott AM, said.