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Further your career with this exciting program

Working in the resource, related construction and allied industries? Your next professional development opportunity could involve someone you’ve never met. The AWRA e-Mentoring Program connects women in these industry’s with experienced men and women mentors.

  • Need assistance with career planning; professional growth and development or identifying goals? – contact us about being a mentee today! – Click here
  • Want to gain personal and professional development from problem solving and constructive guidance as well as the satisfaction from helping others and contributing to the future success of the industry? – Click here

Whatever your choice the AWRA e-Mentoring program offers an enriching professional development experience with unique flexibility.


 “All in all a great program. I found the experience extremely worthwhile, and would strongly encourage anyone to participate in a mentoring program, at some stage (or throughout) their career.” ~ AWRA Mentee

“More than happy to be a mentor again.” ~ AWRA Mentor

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of this program. It has been a fantastic opportunity and I hope to remain in contact with my mentor into the future.” ~ AWRA Mentee

“A great initiative and hopefully one that can continue into the future.” ~ AWRA Mentor