WOMEN seeking career development opportunities across the mining, oil and gas sectors can benefit from experienced industry mentorship when the Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) kicks off 2015’s first round of its AWRA e-Mentoring initiative on 27 January.

An innovative program developed with the challenges of the resource industry in mind, AWRA e-Mentoring links up-and-coming professional women to experienced men and women with career advice and support to offer.

Mentoring is well-recognised as a leading means to improved women’s participation and advancement in the workforce, but rotating rosters and remote locations can often make traditional mentoring programs a logistical challenge for the mining, oil and gas sectors.

Using a state-of-the-art digital platform that connects mentors and mentees through e-mail, Skype, chat and telephone, AWRA e-Mentoring is successfully building relationships and helping resource employees expand their professional networks regardless of where they are located in Australia.

Having paired more than 200 mentors and mentees, its success in 2014 has earned the program an additional $440,000 in federal government funding to continue the initiative and expand its capability.

Man or woman, if your experience in the resource industry means you have something to offer those looking for guidance and insight from the experts, sign up to AWRA e-Mentoring as a mentor and provide aspiring women with a a boost to their mining, oil or gas related careers.

AWRA also welcomes new mentees and encourages up-and-coming resource industry women to sign on to the first round, kicking off on 27 January 2015.

Get more information and register your participation here.