AMMA director of training and development Janine Temple explains how effective leadership skills across all levels of an organisation can pave the way to a stronger and more productive workforce.

OVER time, leadership may have a significant impact on the organization’s success or failure during times of recession. In the current climate, leaders today must simultaneously lead change, develop talent, address complex issues rapidly, and prepare for a different kind of future, all during an extended economic downturn.

While it might be tempting to refrain from spending money on leadership development during challenging economic periods, organizations should recognize the importance of meeting these demands now and continue to invest in leaders and high potentials at ALL levels.

Leaders today face unprecedented challenges from globalization, shifting demographics, productivity pressures, and other factors. However, the pressure of meeting such demands no longer needs to be an issue reserved for senior management. With the correct training and management techniques, it can instead be distributed among your leading workforce.

What constitutes a leading workforce is a combination of strategic skills and tactical talent to tackle the new business environment, as well as a strong moral compass to guide complex thinking, balance profitability and manage responsibility.

But the development of such a workforce doesn’t ‘just happen’. It has to be worked at and supported by a conscious investment in the development of current and future leaders, systems and processes.

AMMA’s Leadership Development Framework aims to build the effective leadership capability of your workforce to improve service delivery and culture within your organisation. This leadership framework is based on the overall direction and priorities established by your organisational requirements and provides a practical action plan for the implementation of leadership development within your organisation.

We have the expertise to undertake detailed design and delivery of your leadership course and will utilise specialists to contribute to the design or delivery of modules within the development program.

Leadership is highly rated and under-resourced in most organisations.

Our current notions of leadership and building teams are often at odds with what science tells us and what is most effective. This three tier leadership framework will bridge that gap in your organisation.

Broken into three distinct levels, the program allows development opportunities for all leaders, even if they don’t have ambitions of ‘getting to the very top’. After all, effective leadership should be experienced across all levels of an organisation.

Tier One

AMMA uses a collaborative diagnostic process, as we’ve helped some of the world’s leading organisations in the resource sector solve complex issues, achieve measurable results, and develop leadership capacity to improve productivity and performance.

Please contact the AMMA Training and Development team to learn more from your leadership specialists on 1800 891 662.