As the situation surrounding the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA is hosting industry engagement sessions, bringing together senior IR/HR managers and people executives from various areas of the national resources and energy industry to share information and collaborate on employer response strategies.

AMMA has been working with many of its members to manage issues relating to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Over coming days its collaboration sessions will not only provide unique information sharing opportunities but further seek to:

  • Settle on any agreed industry positions about risk management, precautionary measures and employee management, that can be shared uniformly throughout the supply chain.
  • Settle on any agreed policy positions we can communicate, as an industry, to the Australian Government.
  • Settle on any responses, guidance or support the industry seeks or expects from federal and state governments.

The ongoing engagement sessions come as AMMA has prepared for members a COVID-19 Employer Guide complete with relevant information and steps regarding your employment considerations.

Covering ‘current state’ information and employer considerations, the Employer Guide includes:

  • Precautionary and preventative measures AMMA members are taking to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Steps your organisation can take to maintain a state of preparedness in relation to COVID-19
  • Answers to several ‘frequently asked questions’ in relation to managing your employees (including travel, pay, leave and health and safety obligations)
  • Further sources of information and support

We encourage members to download and review this guide if you have not yet done so.

Remote working arrangements are also becoming increasingly important during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Click here for some tips and recommendations for effective management of people working remotely.

If you have any specific questions about COVID-19 issues in your organisation, please contact 1800 627 771 to speak with one of AMMA’s expert workplace relations consultants. 

Members who wish to nominate a lead representative from your organisation to participate in AMMA’s COVID-19 engagement sessions should email [email protected]