THE Northern Territory has experienced a promising improvement in job creation during October, according to latest Labour Force statistics released by the ABS.

This year’s employment growth in the Northern Territory last month reached 1.5%, or .3% above the national average.

“Additionally, trend employment is up by 1.4%in October 2013 compared to the same period last year, with the Territory boasting the third strongest growth of the states and territories,” Treasurer Dave Tollner said.

“These figures prove that the Territory is not only a great place to live but also to work, and with a healthy labour force, we are continuing to pave the way to a prosperous economy.

“Last month presented us with more encouraging figures, with the Country Liberals Government’s approach to invest in business paying off, as 180 more people were employed in October compared the previous month.

“We have also experienced steady unemployment in October compared with September, at 5.3% this is the third lowest in the country behind the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia.”

The newest ABS statistics revealed Australia’s unemployment has increased to 5.7%, meaning the Northern Territory is below the national average for unemployment.

“A strong and healthy labour force is a sign of a robust economy, and we are committed to creating the right environment for investment, jobs and opportunities,” Mr Tollner said.

“Keeping the economy moving forward is a priority of this Government, and with last month’s labour force figures as an indicator, we are confident we are moving in the right direction.”

For more information about the ABS Labour Force statistics, click here.