REGULATIONS are now in effect extending the maximum duration of a 400 short-stay temporary work visa from the previous three months to six months.

The extension of the visa validity period, which took effect on 23 November 2014, is the only change to the 400 visa under the regulations. All other features remain the same, including the capacity for multiple entries.

In order to have a six-month visa period approved, the inviting organisation in Australia should provide evidence that the applicant’s employment will not adversely impact on Australian workers, and that applicants are being remunerated in accordance with Australian wages and conditions.

Remunerating visa holders in accordance with Australian wages and conditions does not require a “market salary rates” comparison as under the 457 visa.

Evidence may be required that a worker is either paid in line with a specific award or is paid at least the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), currently set at $53,900.

Click here to view the new Regulation and Explanatory Memorandum.

For detailed advice in relation to these policy requirements, please contact AMMA’s Manager of Migration Services, Jules Pedrosa, on (02) 9211 3566 or at [email protected]