As continued challenges remain for employees and employers dealing with the impact of COVID-19, AMMA has sourced a number insightful articles focusing on how workplaces are adapting.

Seven ways COVID-19 will change work 

Out of the many predictions about the lasting impacts of the pandemic, which ones will come true?

Even as it feels the world is beginning to get a grip on the immediate effects of the pandemic, we are still staring down a health and economic crisis of unprecedented scale. No-one is preparing for work life to return to what it was. But that doesn’t mean they know what’s coming next.

There have been more than a few predictions about what the future might hold. But which ones will come to pass? And more importantly, which ones would we like to see come true? Change can be negative. And even when it’s positive, it often presents challenges we don’t expect.

For example, COVID-19 has fast-tracked work flexibility. Will this continue as many are predicting? And if it does, how will we sustain and promote wellbeing and innovation among an increasingly dispersed workforce?

The Australian HR Institute has laid out predictions such as ‘remote for all’ to ‘no more nine-to-five’.

Learn which ones are most likely to eventuate and why.

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Engaging Your Virtual Workforce During the Pandemic

Keeping your team together and functioning can be difficult during a time of cascading stability. Online platform has provided nine tips for managing a virtual workforce in the wake of COVID-19.

With many offices making the move towards working from home, managers are faced with the new challenge of overseeing virtual teams. Now that workforces are distributed across multiple locations, and potentially multiple time zones, management styles have to adapt to stay effective.

Rather than viewing this shift from a deficit perspective, managers should adopt the mindset that this is a golden opportunity to take a more intentional role in how teams are supervised. With employee operations happening out of sight, managers must make more of an effort to clearly communicate their expectations to produce results in an online environment.

Learn more about how you can manage a remote workforce, with tips ranging from interaction with employees, communications and priorities.

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